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May 24, 2024

Meet Dr. Weston Carpiaux

Dr. Weston Carpiaux, our dedicated, board-certified orthodontist, is committed to creating radiant smiles in La Verne, CA. With a rich background and a deep love for family and community, Dr. Carpiaux's journey has led him to provide top-quality orthodontic care using the latest techniques and technologies with a compassionate, personal touch.

Commitment to Excellence

At Carpiaux Family Orthodontics, our mission revolves around patient-centric care. We stand out by offering an honest, friendly, and transparent approach. With our all-digital workflow, not only can we more accurately and effectively plan and implement treatment, we can also keep you informed and educated every step of the way. Our team is united in ensuring the highest quality outcomes and making your orthodontic experience exceptional.

Crafting Beautiful Smiles

From Invisalign clear aligner therapy to digitally-designed custom braces, we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. We tailor every treatment plan to suit the needs of each unique patient, and strive to use modern orthodontic techniques and technologies to their fullest potential for enhanced comfort and better results.

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